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Since June of 2000, creation date of Jump2, we have defined as our mission to provide solutions of elevated quality, composed of products and services made to guarantee you, our clients, success, eliminating or reducing risks related to IT security.


We always use our greatest efforts in working with solutions of Information Security, consulting, products selling, and provision of customized services.


Today, in the process of solution distribution, we have offers of products with aggregated value, so resales focused on security and consultants may have innovative tools to resale to your customers, and offer new services.



Jump2 seeks to crate partnerships, and we can assure that they will be built throughout time. That will be easily seen on a fair and lucrative long-term relationship, beneficial for all parts involved.


For this to happen, we desire to work out new opportunities and expand our market performance in sustainable ways trough the strengthening of our partners, and to do so we base ourselves on four basic principles:


We do not sell to final clients.


All the commercial processes are 100% made by our partners;

Generate new businesses, keeping a high level of assistance, services provision and profitability;


Stablish a web of partners to maximize in the best possible way the opportunities presented, resulting in a market expansion;


Offer all the necessary support so that our partners can develop new business with their customers.


To make all of this true, we have a very simple Channels Program that defines the course of relations between businesses.



Jump2 does not make direct sales of the solutions it distributes to end customers, whether in the Public or Private market.


However, we help customers interested in the solutions by indicating a Reseller that will be able to serve them.


We only indicate Jump2 Partner Resellers that a are able to the needs of customers, and that can employ all the necessary resources aiming always for the quality in their services.